I saw 50 films in the movie theatre this year and have complied 3 year end lists for 2015. Below is my first list and I will also post my Top 10 Favourite Films of 2015 and my Top 5 Least Favourite later today. Enjoy!

Most Disappointing – Bridge of Spies (I expected and wanted more but it didn’t deliver for me)

Most Surprising – The Visit (A simple story and a great twist that worked very well)

Most Overrated – Ex Machina (Sorry but this isn’t a masterpiece, at least not for me)

Most Underrated – American Ultra (A very fun and original movie that sadly no one saw)

Best Documentary – Going Clear (All I can say is please watch this if you haven’t already)

Best Animated Film – Inside Out (One of the best attempts to explain human psychology)

Best Foreign Film – What We Do In Shadows (A must of you like Christopher Guest’s work)

Biggest Waste of a Talented Cast – Black Mass (So much wasted potential in this dull movie)

Worst Third Act – Tomorrowland (Needed more thought in the screenplay, was disappointing)

The One I Liked That No One Else Did – Crimson Peak (It wasn’t great but it wasn’t that bad)