With a small cast of just 3 credited characters, 2014’s The One I Love is one of the best, most underrated but sadly overlooked films of last year. Staring Mark Duplass, who also starred in the recent indie darling, Safety Not Guaranteed, The One I Love is a unique drama about a couple who attends a retreat in order to fix their marriage, when they subsequently discover something about the retreat that isn’t all what it seems.

One of the major reasons why I love this movie so much is because The One I Love is basically a long episode of The Twilight Zone and one of the best examples this obsessed fan has ever seen.

Why No One Saw The One I Love…

Premiering at the 2014 Sundace Film Festival, The One I Love hit a limited release of just 8 cinemas after the festival was over. It then went onto open in 82 cinemas worldwide but only made just over a half million dollars at the domestic box office and barely made any money overseas.

Sadly, a movie like The One I Love has a very limited appeal and for such unique movie, it wasn’t marketable or able to get a wider release in larger cinemas chains. The movie’s lack of financial success is heartbreaking. The One I Love is a genuinely fantastic experience you won’t soon forget.

Why The One I Love Is Criminally Underrated…

I’ve mentioned my love for the original Twilight Zone many times so I’m not going to mention the same things I’ve said over and over yet again. However, I respect, love and appreciate any film that gives us the same sort of imagination that the Twilight Zone gave pop culture so many years ago and then updates it for modern times.

The One I Love is a small movie with a limited cast, limited budget and limited settings but the creativity, suspense and strangeness all pay off in the end. The performances are terrific and like I said, there are only 3 credited characters. Mark Duplass plays Ethan. He and his wife Sophie, played by Elizabeth Moss are the only two actors in about 90% of the film. There’s a scene with Ted Danson who plays ‘Therapist’ but these are all the character in the entire movie, which works tremendously well.

I don’t want to give too much away because I highly recommend you see The One I Love for yourself. It really is something special.

In the end, The One I Love is a TERRIFIC, SMALL movie, with an IMAGINATIVE story that we need to see more in Hollywood today. While it didn’t do well at the box office, this is a RISKY, UNIQUE movie worthy of multiple viewings and is one I hope gets more love as the years go by.

I guarantee that you won’t really understand what’s going on but that you will like it.