Four years after the sci-fi smash hit The Matrix was released, came one of its two sequels The Matrix Reloaded. While many were disappointed by this movie, since it didn’t live up to the expectations set by the original, The Matrix Reloaded is still a really good action movie with some terrific sequences and amazing, innovated stunt work. The Matrix Reloaded has been overlooked in recent years since the movie that followed it, The Matrix Revolution, was by far the weakest entry in the Matrix trilogy. This goes without saying but the original Matrix is still the best out of the three movies and I sincerely hope there aren’t people out there who feel any different. Even I can’t be that controversial.

Why People Were Disappointed By The Matrix Reloaded…

I saw The Matrix in cinemas back when I was 16 in 1999. To this day, The Matrix remains in my top 5 best theatre experiences of all time. It really was one of the most exciting mind trips I’ve ever seen at the movies. No one was prepared for how amazing that movie turned out to be. Its action, the philosophical themes and the ending made for one incredibly memorable experience for many people, not just me. Fast forward to 2003 and many of us were expecting The Matrix Reloaded to have the same level of thrills and mind-blowing philosophy that we had come to expect from the original Matrix. What we got instead, was a high octane action movie and while I grew to enjoy Reloaded more after multiple viewings, it did leave a bad taste in many people’s mouths at least initially.

The original Matrix was made for $63 million and took in $463.5 million at the box office.  It was with this success that Reloaded and Revolution would be made. The Matrix holds an 87% critics score and an 85% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The Matrix Reloaded however, was a more successful movie, having been made for $150 million and grossed a stellar $742.1 million worldwide. Its reviews were not as good but they weren’t terrible either. The Matrix Reloaded currently holds a 73% critics score and a 72% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is considered positive and not much lower than the original movie.

Still, many complained that the magic started to lose itself in Reloaded and that the series took a series nose drive with the third movie. While I can’t argue these points, as far as an action movie is concerned, there’s some really amazing work that was created in Reloaded, which I feel goes underappreciated to this day.

Why I Don’t Mind The Matrix Reloaded…

The Matrix Reloaded is one of the best action movies to come out of the 2000’s. While it isn’t perfect story wise, the action is big, risky and broad. Take for example, the infamous freeway chase scene. Just think about the man hours it took for the crew to actually create their own original stretch of freeway but also the time and cost it took to shoots those scenes. This includes all of those flipped cars and the coordinating of the traffic on the man made freeway. This scene is really one of the most gutsy and expensive action sequences that was shot in the 2000’s and was well worth the price of admission, in my opinion. In addition, I really love the foyer fight scenes in the room with the double stair case. The martial artistry and choreography in that scene was nothing short of masterful.

I perfectly understand the gripes with The Matrix Reloaded and understand that it didn’t live up to the original. With the bar set so high, it might have been impossible to recreate the magic and originality of the first. However, I still think the Wachowski’s did an amazing job with that they had and turned in one hell of an action movie.

Overall, while the Matrix Reloaded IS NOT as good as the original Matrix, it still has some INCREDIBLE action, MASTERFUL stunt work, near PERFECT martial arts choreography and one of the BEST case chase scenes within the past 15 years.

Yeah I know, that rave scene in Zion was really weird and completely out of place. Even I can’t defend that.