Chalk this one up as a guilty movie pleasure but I really do like That’s My Boy despite its many short-comings. I’m also well aware that Adam Sandler hasn’t made a good movie since the mid-1990’s and while this movie is no Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore I still rather enjoy the movie and its mature humour.

Why People Hate That’s My Boy…

That’s My Boy was a financial bomb at the box office, making just $57.7 million on its $70 million budget. Not only did That’s My Boy received multiple Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Actor (Adam Sandler) and Worst Screenplay (David Caspe) but it was eviscerated by critics and audiences alike. Currently, That’s My Boy holds a 20% critics score and a 52% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Many people hate this movie and even though I understand why, since the plot deals with some very offensive topics, this is a movie I laugh hysterically at but also feel really bad for doing so.

Why I Like That’s My Boy…

First off, this movie isn’t good but it’s really not that bad if you enjoy crass humour. Since I do, I get what the movie was trying to go for even though That’s My Boy has many bumps along the way. I’ve seen That’s My Boy 3 times and I personally laugh out loud every single time I watch it. Sure, the acting isn’t great and I can’t defend the performances. Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg have terrible delivery and Vanilla Ice gives one of the worst performances in movie history but there are many parts to the movie that do work in my opinion and that mainly has to do with the rating.

That’s My Boy is a perfect example of a raunchy R Rated comedy that wouldn’t work as a PG-13 movie. While there are some strange places this movie goes, I felt that the R Rating made the humour better and allowed the subject matter to go where it needed to be. This was also the first Happy Madison Production that got an R Rating after a decade of making PG-13 movies but consider the fact that That’s My Boy bombed at the box office, I doubt we’ll see any new R Rated comedies from Adam Sandler any time soon.

There’s no doubt about it, That’s My Boy is a crass, raunchy movie and one many people will find offensive but something about this brand of humour worked for me. Even though it was a miss, I’m glad to see Adam Sandler back to his R Rated comedy roots and am glad he tried to do something different, even if it didn’t work overall.

While I can’t argue that That’s My Boy is a good movie, it certainly is one that makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD every time I see it. That’s My Boy is one of my biggest GUILTY MOVIE PLEASURES and one to see again if you didn’t like it the first time. I found the second and third viewings to be more enjoyable.

I know it’s absolutely disgusting but there’s just something about the first 10 minutes of this movie. It’s so terrible and sickening but yet funny.