For the record, there has always been a rivalry between Marvel and DC comics and I more than acknowledge that one can be a fan of both. However, I heavily favourite one of these two when it comes to film making. Rather than trying to explain why I think this way, since there are many people who feel differently from me, I would rather delve into both studios’ cinematic universes and  I’m more a fan of one rather than the other.

Why DC Has Created A Cinematic Universe…

It’s important to note that I’m not including previous Batman and Superman films when talking about the current DC cinematic universe. That means that I’ll not be bringing up Christopher Reeve’s Superman series nor will I be talking about Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns. It also means that Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and Batman and Robin will also be excluded from my critiques as well as Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. In the Marvel world, the Marvel cinematic universe excludes any movie made from Twentieth Century Fox and Sony Pictures Studios. These include Sam Raimi’s Spiderman Trilogy, the original Fantastic Four movies and both X-Men franchises.

The current DC cinematic universe now consists of Man of Steel, the finished movies, Batman v Superman and The Suicide Squad as well as the currently shoot Wonder Woman stand alone movie. Concurrently, the Marvel cinematic universe began with 2008’s Iron Man and includes the stand alones featuring The Hulk, Captain America and Thor, which culminated into The Avengers franchise. The Marvel cinematic universe also includes Guardians of the Galaxy and the Netflix original TV shows Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Wait a second, isn’t it unfair to judge DC when three of their movie haven’t even been released yet?” My answer is no, it’s not unfair what-so-ever and I’ll explain why below.

Why DC’s Movies Will Never Overtake Marvel’s Movies…

Yes, there has only been one movie released in the DC cinematic universe so far and that was the divisive Man of Steel. I personally think Man of Steel is a terrible movie and one that never should have been made. I will save my specific thoughts on why I think Man of Steel is a bad movie for another post, regardless, it still wasn’t critically acclaimed. Man of Steel currently holds a 56% rating on Rotten Tomatoes from critics and a 76% from audiences and ended up with mixed reviews. Despite my unfavourable impression, Man of Steel has a loyal core of fans that are more than willing to defend Man of Steel at the drop of a hat but just compare the first movie released by the Marvel cinematic universe to Man of Steel and DC has started off on the wrong foot.

I agree, the Marvel cinematic universe hasn’t produced all masterpieces and it did have a head start on DC. Since 2008’s Iron Man, Marvel has made some mixed reviewed movies too such as Thor, Thor 2 and The Incredible Hulk. Some would argue that Iron Man 2 and 3 weren’t very good either and while I highly disagree, many characterize Captain America The First Avenger and The Avengers Age of Ultron as disappointing. Despite a mixed few, the Marvel cinematic universe has made some amazing movies that the DC cinematic universe will never be able to make. This includes the likes of The Avengers, Captain America The Winter Solider, Iron Man, Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. The writing, performances, imagination, chemistry, direction and innovation in all five of these amazing movies are something that the dark, gritty, drab tones of DC will not be able to copy. Man of Steel and what I’ve seen from Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, aren’t any fun at all. At least I come out of a Marvel movie with a smile on my face. Even if a Marvel movie isn’t any good, the humour that’s sprinkled in between the action can’t work in a DC movie. Those movies take themselves far too seriously and can’t seem to detract from their overly serious, melodramatic tones.

Overall, Marvel has already set the bar so high by using talented directors and screenwriters such as Joss Whedon, Jon Favreau and the Russo brothers, who have told some amazing stories taken from the pages of Marvel comics. While some of Marvel’s movies haven’t been perfect, even the worst ones are still better than DC’s only mediocre attempt, Man of Steel. While we’ll have to actually see whether or not DC has the material to compete with the Marvel cinematic universe, there’s a distinct possibility that their entire slate may go by the wayside. Yet, Marvel’s long established, highly loved universe could be too much for DC to breakthrough.

To note, I’m very much looking forward to seeing both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad and will see them both in theatres but I’m still highly skeptical that those movies will be as good as Marvel’s. Could I be wrong? Yes, of course and I’m still looking forward to seeing them next year.