One of the most irreverent comedies to come out in a long time, MacGruber stars former Saturday Night Live cast member Will Forte who brought the titular character to the big screen. While MacGruber has gone down in many people’s eyes as one of the most laugh out loud movies from the 2000s, a decade that brought us Superbad and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, MacGruber was also an unfortunate commercial failure that went severely under appreciated at the box office.

I for one consider MacGruber to not only one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time but the best SNL sketch to become a feature film since Wayne’s World.

Why No One Really Saw McGruber…

Indebted with a serious cult following and status as one of the funniest guilty movie pleasures of all time, MacGruber was a highly ambitious movie that worked for many people but it certainly didn’t for everyone. Moving any 5 minute SNL sketch and trying to make an interesting 90 movie out of it is no easy task. While we have The Blues Brothers and Wayne’s World as examples of successes, one only needs to turn to disasters like Stewart Saves His Family, It’s Pat The Movie, A Night At The Roxbury, Coneheads and Superstar as examples that were complete failures.

MacGruber, I believe, fell into the cracks of people assuming that it be a through way from the people at SNL. However, MacGruber is anything but a through way. It’s hysterical, well written, off-the-wall, creative and a criminally underrated movie that more people need to say. It will also leave you with some amazing one-liners that you’ll definitely be quoting for weeks after seeing the movie.

Why MacGruber Is Worth Seeing More Than Once…

While definitely no masterpiece or even a sophisticate “film” in the highly snobby sense, MacGruber more than works for what it is, an off the wall comedy with several terrific homage’s to great action movie tropes. If you’re an action fan be sure to look out for several Commando and Predator references, among other classic 80’s action movies. In a similar vein to Hot Fuzz, MacGruber makes references to other movies but is still highly original and very unique.

The only thing that didn’t work about MacGruber was the fact that no one took it seriously and because of that, it didn’t make back its $10 million budget, which is a complete and utter shame.

Overall, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MacGruber especially if you enjoy irreverent, off beat action comedies like Hot Fuzz. Although different from Hot Fuzz, MacGruber is one of the BETTER movies that was based from an SNL sketch. Its repeat viewing factor is high and the amount of one-liners you’ll be saying after the movie is over is also quite endless.

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