A movie about a sports agent on an existential crisis, Jerry Macguire was loved and is still loved, by millions of movie goers worldwide. Both audiences and critics ate this movie up and many of the catch-phrases in Jerry Macguire still resonate through pop culture today. It then should be no surprise to anyone, especially after reading the title of this post, that I don’t like Jerry Macguire at all and don’t understand why people continue to love this movie almost 20 years after its release. To me, Jerry Macguire started off as an interesting movie about a world not many see but it devolved in a bland, aimless movie with highly annoying characters.

Like with so many other movies I’ve written about before, I’m among a tiny minority that doesn’t like this movie and I wholeheartedly acknowledge this fact but my feelings aren’t without reason.

Why People Adore Jerry Macguire…

First off, Jerry Macguire was the single highest grossing movie of 1996. It took in $273.6 million on a $50 million budget and also received plenty of praise from critics, including getting a 3 out of 4 star review from Roger Ebert. There really aren’t many people who don’t like this movie, just a cynical few, like myself. Even today, ask random people on the street if they’ve seen Jerry Macguire and many will give you glowing reviews. Many also will be able to quote you several of the one-liners and catch-phrases from the movie. This includes, “Help me, help you”, “Did you know that the human head weighs 8 pounds?” and other equally horrible lines like “Show me the money”, “You completely me” and the god-awful “You had me at hello.” The last being one of the cheesiest lines I’ve heard in a movie. Seriously, Cameron Crowe wrote this. He also wrote Almost Famous, which is such a terrific film. What the hell happened here? Again, I know and understand that those lines worked on a lot of people but they absolutely didn’t for me.

Why I Can’t Stand Jerry Macguire…

As you can tell, my biggest gripe with this movie has to do with the incredibly cheesy dialogue that’s placed throughout the 139 minute run time. A run time that’s way too long if you ask me.

The titular Jerry Macguire is a very interesting character by himself. It’s not often we as movie goers delve into the world of sports agencies and all the drama and politics that go on behind the scenes. Acting agents sure, we’ve seen those characters represented quite a bit in movies but we hardly see the same focus with sports agents.

In the beginning of Jerry Macguire, we get a flare for Jerry’s high-pressure career and yet like all agents, this life comes does come with a variety of highs and lows. Even Jerry’s epiphany made sense to me. He just wants to do some good and change the focus of his industry in a non-superficial way. However, after that point in the movie, the relationship he has with Dorothy and her son Ray always seems to bring the movie down for me. Both of those characters are completely annoying and not as interesting as Jerry. In fact, I never bought the love between Dorothy and Jerry and never thought Ray’s antics were at all cute.

Overall, Jerry Macguire is certainly NOT a classic. I also don’t find it CUTE, CHARMING or ROMANTIC and simply can’t understand why anyone would with all those terrible lines of dialogue. I find most of the characters in Jerry Macguire, besides him, to be highly ANNOYING, DULL and UNINTERESTING and DO NOT BELIEVE the romance between Jerry and Dorothy what-so-ever.

Is it just me or should Jerry have stayed with Kelly Preston’s character? Damn John Travolta is one lucky man.