I know what you’re thinking. You just read the title of this post and don’t understand how a horror movie centered on a demonic presence that follows young people after they have sex, can be a better Valentine’s Day movie than When Harry Met Sally. While romantic comedies can be a great genera to watch today, I suggest you take the unconventional route and give this incredibly shot horror movie a chance. Here’s why.

Why There’s No Better Time To Watch It Follows…

Staring the gorgeous Maika Monroe as Jay, It Follows reminds me of what I love about John Carpenter’s Halloween. In particular, the camera work and score. If you like that movie then you will love It Follows as there are many homage’s and reminders in it. It Follows also takes serious subjects such as losing one’s youthful innocence, catching a sexually transmitted infection and loving someone who ends up betraying you after you sleep with them and adds one of the best spins in modern times.

So why then, would any loving couple want to watch a movie about a supernatural STI on Valentine’s Day?

Because in the end It Follow is a love story. Sure, it’s also terrifying and the single best PSA for safe sex that you’ll see outside of a high school classroom. However, it really is a sweet story of young love and finding the person you’re really meant to be with. While you’ll also feel terribly uncomfortable and are meant to be freaked out by a demon that follows you wherever you go, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? Love.

So grab your loved one and toss away all those sappy romantic comedies. Set the mood, eat dinner over candlelight and watch It Follows. Your Valentine’s Day is sure to be a memorable one.

That final scene for the win!