I know what you’re thinking. Why would I want to watch a movie starring the girl from Twilight and the annoying kid from The Social Network? What on Earth would I get out of that?

The answer: one of the biggest surprise movies of 2015.

American Ultra stars Kristen Stewart, who played Bella in the Twilight movie franchise as well as Jesse Einsenberg, who played Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in David Fincher’s The Social Network. Both of these young actors also played romantic love interests in 2009’s Adventureland, which received positive reviews from critics. Teamed up again as a pair of stoners that are in love, American Ultra ultimately suffered from bad marketing, as the pairing of these two young actors seemed to turn audiences away from a surprisingly good movie and one you should definitely give a (second) change.

Why People Didn’t Like American Ultra…

Produced on a budget of $28 million, American Ultra took in $15.4 million all together, making it a box office bomb. Domestically, American Ultra opened in the US and Canada in sixth place, earning just $5.5 million.

Critically speaking, American Ultra holds a 43% critic’s score and a 46% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I believe the reason for this is mostly due to the fact that audiences were not prepared for the over-the-top tone of American Ultra and because not many filmgoers enjoy Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg as actors, which is a shame. In this movie, their chemistry worked and while the tone of the movie is completely over-the-top, what do you expect from a screenplay penned by Max Landis?

Why You Should Watch American Ultra (Again)…

One of the most original movies in years, in an era where many moviegoers complain that Hollywood doesn’t make original movie anymore, there’s so many things to love about American Ultra.

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat, American Ultra isn’t a mindless stoner comedy like it was promoted to be in its trailers. In a similar vein to Dazed and Confused (and no, I’m not comparing the two), American Ultra isn’t just about young people smoking pot. There’s a lot more going on beyond the surface. While this movie did suffer from a really bad and underwhelming marketing campaign, which can make or break the audience’s perception of a film, I personally went into American Ultra not expecting much from it. It stars two actors that I don’t really like seeing on-screen and although I did enjoy Adventureland, I simply hoped to get something more from the story than a couple of young people smoking pot and fighting government agents. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised when the movie took off and did not expect the intense level of action or how funny the movie actually turned out to be. Come to think of it, maybe American Ultra has more similarities to Pineapple Express than Dazed and Confused but there’s still more going on in it than just weed.

If you enjoy stoner comedies then you will definitely like American Ultra. If you like action movies then there’s more than enough high-octane action for you to be the edge of your seat. If you like originality then you should also be able to enjoy American Ultra for what it is, a FUNNY, ACTION-PACKED, THILLING comedy that goes beyond weed and into some serious places, while remaining true to the originality of its story through and through.

Look out for Walton Goggins in a small but highly memorable role.