My top 5 Least Favourite Films of 2015. These are the stink piles, the dumpster fires and the pieces of garbage that I’ll probably buy on DVD and watch more than once, then hate myself for it afterward. Enjoy!

5) Chappie (This movie needed more Hugh Jackman and much better actors overall)

4) Terminator: Genesys (We get it, you need to repair a timeline, so stop talking about it and do it already)

3) Unfinished Business (There’s nothing worse than a comedy that isn’t funny)

2) Fantastic Four (This is what happens when a young director clashes with the studio, we all suffer from one of the worst dumpster fires of the year)

1) Jupiter Ascending (Any film that wastes the talent of Terry Gilliam should be sent to the fiery pits of hell, not only that but the cast looked like they were sleepwalking in every single scene)