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My first review on my revamped movie blog…

My first concern about this film, after seeing the trailers, was how is Marvel going to pull this one off? I read the Guardian’s origin story in the really great Season One graphic novels that Marvel put out a few years ago. So going in I knew the story of how Starlord, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket all got together. Of course the film detracts from the comic book origin story slightly but for the movie’s sake, it worked. What I wasn’t prepared for was how funny, how action-packed and how thrilling this film was even though I know that the comic books shared a similar tone.

Chris Pratt, who plays Peter Quill aka Starlord, was amazing as the Han Solo-esque anti-hero and leader of the Guardians. Zoe Saldana plays the green-skinned, badass Gomora who’s the adopted daughter of Thanos. Drax, played by Dave Bautista is an alien whose wife and daughter are killed by the villain of the film, Ronin. And finally there’s the voice actors. First is the tree creature Groot voiced by Vin Diesel. Groot only repeats three words in the entire film and they happen to be “I am Groot”, which makes for some stellar comedic moments. However, I must give a huge round of applause to Rocket Racoon voiced by an unnoticeable Bradley Cooper. I closed my eyes a few times in the theater and couldn’t tell it was Cooper. Rocket made the film for me. He was hysterical and had heart too.

I’m a huge comic book fan and have been for years. As you know, I’ve loved so many sci fi and comic book films this summer but I have to say, Guardians tops all of them. Not sure if it beats ‘Begin Again’ as my favourite of the year just yet. I’m going to have to sleep on it and see if I continually think about Guardians like I have with ‘Begin Again’ but it’s certainly close to being my favourite of the year. Top three for certain.

I hope this movie rakes in millions of dollars at the box office this weekend and I hope my faith in humanity is restored after a poor showing for ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. I predict that if Guardians makes lots of money, it will send signals to Marvel to take risks on lesser known comic characters. Already in the works are stand alone films for Dr. Strange and Ant Man. If they are anything like Guardians, this would open up doors for the studios to take risks on quirky, lesser known, more original sci fi, fantasy and superhero content. Here’s hoping because it’s about dam time!

As for my rating, I would say that Guardians’ downside is in some of the performances. Karen Gillan from ‘Dr. Who’ fame seemed out of place as Nebula, the other daughter of Thanos. Her role was a bit weak and her character’s voice took me out of the film. Also, the character Ronin was someone whom I wished was funnier and more incompetent, especially compared to the Guardians. He seems to be so evil that I think a lighter tone might have worked better. However, I’m going to give ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ a 9/10.

If you’re a fan of bad movies from the 80’s, then you’re going to love the end credit scene. I sat in my seat and laughed so hard at the completely genius and unexpected reference of a beloved Marvel character.

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is quite honestly a brilliant film from start to finish!